What a Weekend!

Last weekend Ivy Newport and I put on ArtWorthy, a women’s art and healing retreat.  We had 10 beautiful women attend from all across the country.  We took over a luxury 6,000 sq ft Villa in San Diego overlooking Lake Hodges.  All of our meals were prepared by a private chef who made the most delicious food, and we even had a beautiful yoga instructor come one morning.  We were very pampered.

Ivy and I set out to create a safe and sacred space for these women so they could explore inner parts of themselves, that most of us aren't even aware of.  Not only did these women bravely explore and observe themselves in a new way but they also created powerful art.  

Ivy and I put together a curriculum that we knew would be challenging.  I asked them to go deep, ponder, observe, heal and release parts of themselves that are no longer serving them.  I used EFT Tapping, meditations, visualizations and directed journaling to guide them.  Then Ivy set them up so they could release it artistically on paper.  Everybody’s art was so dynamic, telling and healing.  I then facilitated an experience for them to get in touch with their authentic self, and Ivy led them into creating it.  This provided the ability to celebrate, honor and recognize the beauty we have inside.  It was profound.

What I didn't see coming out of all of this was the kinship that developed…. an unconditional love that banded our group together.  

ArtWorthy knocked me to my knees, and has changed me forever.  

Women, of all ages, backgrounds, and stages of life came together, we celebrated, revered, loved each other, and created a ton of beautiful and meaningful art!  I've never experienced anything like it…. and I’m so excited to do it again!

Who wants to join us at ArtWorthy 2017?

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