Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Here I sit writing this blog post and I’m in the middle of one of the biggest changes of my life.  My family and I are packing up our things and moving to another country.  We are headed to London, England.  

When this opportunity first presented itself to us we were thrilled.  We’ve been dreaming of living in Europe for years.  

But we quickly realized that this wasn’t an easy decision.   We have had an amazing life in the Portland, Oregon area and truly haven’t seen our lives anywhere else since we moved up here four years ago.

It is here that I have built my EFT Practice, which I’m extremely passionate about.  We have beautiful friends here and we live in the one the best little communities filled with the most amazing neighbors.  

Yet, just when we really thought that this was it, this is where we will settle for a while...this offer came... Go live in Europe for a few years... the opportunity of a lifetime… right here… so close we can touch it.  But it comes at such a huge cost.  Leave our life that we LOVE… for ADVENTURE…. for the unknown… for new experiences… for GROWTH.

Here it is.. that nasty choice.. COMFORT or GROWTH?  

I know that when I’ve chosen comfort in the past I’m usually bored, disappointed, not interested for very long, and ultimately regret it.  

But when I push myself to choose growth… well, that’s when I’m usually scared as hell but ultimately have the time of my life.  Of course it’s not guaranteed to be all roses and sunshine, but I always learn so much more about myself and end up feeling so grateful I took the risk.  

So here I am… making this choice once again… Comfort or Growth?

Can’t have them both.

Here goes everything... we are going to do it!  

My next post will be from the other side of the pond.

Cheers to ADVENTURE!

Trina LeeComment