What my clients are saying...

Through EFT, Trina has helped me move past many deep seated fears that were blocking my progress and growth of both my personal and professional life. In just a few sessions, I saw and felt an authentic shift in my thoughts, feelings and actions. I was able to move through challenging situations with ease and confidence. Many of my anxious triggers no longer seem to affect me. I was astounded! I have experienced traditional talk therapy which of course still has great value...but EFT is very powerful and highly effective- at least for me! Trina goes above and beyond in her treatment of her clients and her intuition, passion and care really shines through. I always feel extremely safe under her care, even when discussing personal and upsetting topics. I would recommend her to anyone. In fact, you can contact me directly if you have questions! That’s how strongly I believe in EFT and Trina’s abilities.
— Ivy Newport, Artist @ ivynewport.com

In the short amount of time Trina has been working with me, I have experienced significant shifts in my thoughts, feelings and choices.  In Trina’s presence I feel complete trust and comfort to move through the barriers that have been holding me back most of my life.  She provides a true safe space.  With EFT and Trina’s natural talents, I have been able to identify, feel, and free myself of things I didn’t even realize were dominating my life.  She is smart, intuitive, caring, and asks profound questions.  Thank you Trina for guiding me back to my true self.  And thank you for giving me the tools to continue to empower myself and my life.
— Christina

I am proud to share the practice of my dear friend and trusted EFT coach, Trina Lee.  This vastly unknown method is, in my experience,  far more deliberate and successful than traditional counseling.  With an academic background (Bachelor’s in Psychology) and personal history on both sides of therapy/counseling spectrum, I had reservations regarding the effectiveness of EFT.  My doubts were quickly proven null in our first session.  I can attest my work with her has been nothing short of introspectively inspirational.  Whatever the roadblock, big or small, I encourage you to be open.  Trina is exceptionally intuitive and caring and has an amazing way of bringing to the surface what you most likely don’t even realize is at the root... this gift alone is transformative.
— Stacia

As always after our session I feel energized, hopeful and committed to this process!  I feel like my relationship with food is changing and I am so very grateful for that. Your guidance has been so eye opening & I feel like I learn something so incredibly important when we meet.  Thank you for being an amazing guide through my journey to a more peaceful and loving body, mind and soul!
— Jennifer Everett

Trina is a very intuitive, caring and intelligent person to work with. I have had many EFT sessions with her and she has always been very supportive and helpful in clearing the issue. I could not recommend her more highly as a practitioner and would trust her with any of my issues. Thank you Trina for everything you have done for me, you have been a incredibly positive influence in my life.
— Adrienne O'Dell, Healer and Business Owner

Tapping, for me, is a much more organic processing of feelings, emotions and experiences than traditional therapy.  Trina is truly a wonderful guide.  She thoughtfully gets you to steer your own healing in the direction you didn’t even realize you needed to go.  For me, it is a very thoughtful and self-loving process.  Thanks Trina!
— Jen

Trina has opened my eyes to the benefits of EFT, and is very gifted at what she does.  Our sessions have been lead in a gentle, caring way and have not always gone as I would have expected, but Trina effortlessly guided me through twists and turns and returned me to a place of self acceptance and love.  I also appreciate the tools she has given me to use on my own when I feel the need arise inside of me.  Trina, I can’t thank you enough!
— Kristin C.

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