Can You Manifest Your Own Blessings?

So often we get caught in our thoughts of worry and fear about things that might happen in the future.  It can feel like we don’t have control over these thoughts and worries, they can be so loud, obnoxious and fierce.  

But the truth is - We can choose to change our thoughts.  

We don’t have to get stuck in our fear based thoughts and worries about the future.  

Because when we are worrying about the future we are actually manifesting exactly what we don’t want.  

If you find yourself caught in a familiar cycle of worry and fear, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that you get to choose what you are manifesting.  

Then choose to think about what you do want to happen.  See it as vividly and as clearly as possible, with all of the details of exactly what you want.  Dream BIG.  

You are now manifesting your own blessings.

(If you are finding it difficult to switch your thoughts from worry and fear to what you do want, use EFT Tapping to effortlessly release the fear and worry and it will become natural to focus on the positive.)

What blessings do you want to manifest?



Trina LeeComment