Celebrating Winter Solstice

My family and I have been celebrating Winter Solstice for several years and it has become one of my favorite rituals. Not only does it allow us to purposely reflect about things that are no longer serving us from this past year, and decide what we would like for the next year. This ritual also creates a safe space for us to share our fears and hopes, which lays the foundation for a deeper connection between us.

Below is a link to a quick article explaining the power of Winter Solstice, and why it’s an important time to reflect on the last year and set intentions for the upcoming year.

Celebrate The Winter Solstice With A Sunset Ceremony.

I hope you’ll join us by burning your fears from this past year and setting intentions of what you would like the light to bring in for this next year.

What’s your favorite celebration or ritual?

Sending you much love for the rest of this Holiday Season! Looking forward to a bright New Year!

Much love and gratitude,

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Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

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