Feel Relaxed For the Holiday's and Save 40%

Do you feel the holiday stress coming on? You're not alone! As the holidays are getting closer it's all too common to feel stressed out, overwhelmed and anxious.

Let's make this year different by practicing some self care before we're eating turkey. So that maybe, just maybe we can actually enjoy it!

To help make this happen I thought I'd share with you our 40% off Sale at Radiant Meditation. Now through Thanksgiving!

Choose the meditation that's right for you and you'll be gently guided into a space that's calm and peaceful. Leaving you feeling radiant just in time for the holidays!

Use the coupon code: HOLIDAY40

With love and gratitude,

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PS, if you haven’t tried Radiant Meditation yet, you can still download one for free by subscribing at www.radiantmeditation.com

Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

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