Is Stress Sabotaging Your Healthy Habits?

Hi Friends,

It’s been awhile since I showed up in your inbox and I hope this finds you all doing well!  

For those of you that've followed my year abroad, you might have noticed that we're back home!   

Our year abroad was filled with exciting adventures, tons of learning, exploring and lots of growing... (and plenty of very difficult times) for us individually and as a family.   It was an experience we'll never forget and I'm so grateful we had the opportunity to experience it!

We moved back home this past summer and as Dorothy said 'there's no place like home'!   We're so happy to be back!

But, I’m here today to let you know about an important study that just came out about the effects of stress and our health.  

BYU did a study with mice to test the response of stress on their gut health.  What they found was the female mice that were exposed to stress had significant changes in their gut health.  

Stress actually changed the conditions of their gut bacteria!  

So much so, that their body’s response looked as though they were eating a high fat unhealthy diet!

I know what you’re thinking, more stress about the effects of stress!  

But I do have GOOD NEWS!

The good news is that we can easily do something about it!  You might have guessed it already, EFT Tapping!  

EFT Tapping has been shown to lower your stress levels by 24-50%! In just one session!  

So, no need to stress about your stress, you can easily tap about it!  And heal your body at the same time!

Click here if you’re interested in learning more about tapping!


Since I'm so happy to be back home

and I want you know what it feels like to significantly lower your stress

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Much love and gratitude.
Link to the BYU Study.
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