Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT (or often referred to as tapping) is an evidence based technique used to release physical pain, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, food cravings, fears, phobias, childhood traumas, anxiety, stress, and the list goes on!   This gentle technique involves self-applied tapping on meridian end points (like acupressure) in combination with a specific type of modern talk therapy.  By doing this simple yet powerful technique it allows your body to heal naturally, bust through limiting beliefs about yourself, and no longer be defined by your past experiences.  So you can start to live your life with freedom to be your true authentic self!   


"As always after our session I feel energized, hopeful and committed to this process! I feel like my relationship with food is changing and I am so very grateful for that. Your guidance has been so eye opening & I feel like I learn something so incredibly important when we meet. Thank you for being an amazing guide through my journey to a more peaceful and loving body, mind and soul!"

-Jennifer Everett www.customoptometry.com

Check out the video above where I talk about some of the negative effects of stress and how  EFT can help you lower it.  I also included a short breathing and tapping exercise for you to try right now!  

Why You Should Tap

EFT has been shown to lower cortisol levels, which is your stress hormone.  Being constantly stressed out can wreak havoc on your body. High levels of cortisol and stress has been linked to weight gain, restless sleep, unhealthy food cravings, feeling anxious and/or sad, lower immune system, and much more.  The good news is that even just one hour of tapping about your stress can reduce your cortisol by 24% and even up to 50% in some cases.  Studies have also shown that tapping through the points even without words will reduce cortisol levels.  



Dr Mark Hyman is a practicing family physician, and an eight-time #1 New York Times Best Selling Author.   Watch Dr. Mark Hyman's video where he talks about how EFT tapping allows you to get to root cause of illness and how he's incorporating EFT Tapping into his practice.





Check out all the hard data behind EFT and how effective it is at eftuniverse.com  


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