I’ve been hesitant to share this, and the reason is so personal.


I had breast cancer when I was 32, and it came out of no where, no one could’ve predicted it… I didn’t fit the profile at all. I was considered ‘healthy’, no family history, negative for the gene, I was exercising, eating well and young. But somehow I got cancer anyway and 9 years later it still has an impact on my life.

I’m dedicated to figuring out how to create a healthy balance in my mind, body and spirit. I’ve been reading and listening to everything I can get my hands on about creating overall health and well-being.

I feel fortunate to have been introduced to EFT tapping shortly after my cancer diagnosis, which has enabled me to improve my over all health and well-being beyond belief. Plus I’m extremely grateful to be able to share this life changing tool with you!

In my search to health and wellness I’ve found some guiding lights, and I share some of them on my resource page, you can check it out here.

One of those guiding lights is Kris Carr. If you’re not familiar with Kris, she was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer 15 years ago. She completely overhauled her life in order to find a way to thrive, not just survive and she’s been sharing her journey and all her health tricks ever since.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer a friend told me about Kris and I immediately got her book. I’ve found such wisdom and inspiration from Kris’ story and her writings so when I heard she’s putting on the Healing Cancer World Summit, I signed up right away.

The reason why I’ve been hesitant on sharing this is because I don’t think there is one right way to nourish our bodies, calm our minds and handle our emotions to avoid cancer. I also don’t believe there is one right way to treat cancer, and whatever your treatment decision is, it’s extremely personal and I completely respect it.

Our bodies get sick, even if we’re doing everything right. But, I also believe that there are ways to help our bodies heal and be healthy.

So, I’m sharing this in hopes that it’ll provide a new outlook on health and well-being for you. Maybe you or someone you love is battling cancer and this might provide new information and/or HOPE.

My philosophy is to take what resinates, and leave the rest.

I’m excited to listen to the summit and thought you might be too.

The summit starts today, October 17th. You can sign up here

Just so you know, I’m not affiliated with Kris Carr or the Summit. I’m sharing this out of my love for our health and well-being.

With love and gratitude,

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