I've been Bitten!

Last week I did something I've never done before and it was so amazing!  I ventured out on a little get away with Ivy Newport.  We planned to use this time and space to finalize our agenda for our sold out ArtWorthy Retreat in April.   

We met the week before to talk about what we needed to bring and to touch base on our agenda.  I mentioned that I was bringing supplies for us to organize our thoughts- and you should have seen Ivy’s response.  She got so excited at the word ‘supplies’ you would have thought she was a kid in a candy store!  She thought I meant art supplies!  And what a let down she had when she realized I was referring to post-its!  

Ivy did bring art supplies in the hopes that she could get me to paint.  Mind you, I've told her a billiion times- ‘I don’t paint, I’m creative in other ways.’  But, as we got deeper in our planning process it became apparent that some painting needed to happen.  I could feel the resistance in my entire body as I was realizing that I too needed to paint!

It was perfect because this is actually what ArtWorthy is all about!  We are all WORTHY!  

So I began tapping.  Ivy was very sweet and patient with me as I worked through my blocks to painting.  Like a light switch, I went from completely opposed to painting - to jumping off the sofa filled with excitement to see what I could paint!  

Ivy was a little shocked!  

It ended up being an amazing experience for me and I certainly have been bitten by the painting bug!  

I’m so excited for ArtWorthy and to share how we can use EFT, meditation and painting to facilitate a completely new relationship with ourselves.  We are focusing on creating a new relationship with our Inner Critic and opening up a channel for our Inner Guide.  I found this combination to be earth-moving for myself and I’m thrilled to share it!  

Here's a collage of pictures from our trip. We did use the post-it's and lots of paint!  

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