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481 2nd St
Lake Oswego, OR, 97034
United States



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I help people identify what's holding them back, get to the root cause of it and release it using EFT.  I also teach my clients tools that help make life a little easier, including how they can use this powerful yet simple technique on their own and in their everyday lives.

Sessions are either in person @ Encompass 4309 Oakridge Rd, Lake Oswego, OR 97035 ~OR~ online via video calls.

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"Through EFT, Trina has helped me move past many deep seated fears that were blocking my progress and growth of both my personal and professional life.  In just a few sessions, I saw and felt an authentic shift in my thoughts, feelings and actions.  I was able to move through challenging situations with ease and confidence.  Many of my anxious triggers no longer seem to affect me.  I was astounded!  I have experienced traditional talk therapy which of course still has great value...but EFT is very powerful and highly effective- at least for me!  Trina goes above and beyond in her treatment of her clients and her intuition, passion and care really shines through.  I always feel extremely safe under her care, even when discussing personal and upsetting topics.  I would recommend her to anyone.  In fact, you can contact me directly if you have questions!  That's how strongly I believe in EFT and Trina's abilities."

-Ivy Newport, Artist


A typical session goes like this:  You walk in feeling stressed, overwhelmed, in pain, anxious, unhappy,  and/or feeling limited in some way.  We gently talk about what going on, I ask some questions, identify events that are involved, and we tap through your emotions and physical sensations.  When you leave you have a new lightness, a whole new perspective, and the ability to enjoy life!  You will be on your way to live your life with freedom to be your authentic self!